Welcome to Gregory Pearcey’s official site. This is where you can find out what drives me to do all that I do. From web design to search engine optimization I love it all. But first a little about me. I was born in London England, but shortly after moved to a warmer climate in Barbados. I eventually moved back to England, before I finally moved to Orlando, Florida. I love traveling and hope to continue to travel for many years to come. Another passion of mine is education as what you learn can take you as far as you want to go. This is probably why I majored in Education, graduating from UCF with a B.S. in Art Education.

After teaching for a while I decided to start a small Web design studio in Orlando with my best friend and fantastic graphic designer Brian Bellissimo. We soon learned that no matter how good of a designer you are it really doesn’t matter if no one can find your site. This lead me to one of my current passions search engine optimization. SEO much like design is ever changing which is why it is so fascinating to me as there is always something new to learn.

As the internet grows larger and larger I find myself spreading out between multiple websites, here on this site you can find a quick way to connect to many of my other websites, articles and images that I have published online. I like to think of this site as my online portfolio, that can show you my body of work, and it might just show you something new to do or learn.

Well I hope you enjoy your time here and I hope to keep you updated with anything new that I discover or create. If you have any questions or would like some suggestions on SEO, SMM, SEM, graphic design, or web design feel free to contact me. I really enjoy talking about this stuff and creating new work, so let’s talk maybe we can create something together.