How to Switch from Chiromatrix to WordPress


Recently I was commissioned to switch a Chiromatrix website to a WordPress website. Now I don’t usually like to complain, but this Chiromatrix company was sooooo scandalous that it just left me with a laundry list of complaints, and after reading a couple of reviews I quickly found out that I was not alone. Like a 20 day cancellation period, and then two days after canceling providing you with a download of your content and deleting your site from their servers with 18 days left that you paid for! Oh did I mention there’s a $600 cancellation fee! Mother F#%K*!$. And you get all of this for a low low low price of $1400 a month.

So I thought it would be nice for people to learn how they can also get out of the Rip Off Matrix and join reality.

Step One – Pay for a quality hosting company:

For this I suggest using SiteGround.  I host this site with them, and I’ve got several clients with them and they’re all happy with the service that they receive, but you can host with any company, just do your research first.

Step Two – Set up WordPress:

If you went with a quality hosting company then this will be easy. Many hosting companies now have one click installs, or auto installers (Softaculous) that make this easy. You’ll need to to have a domain to set it up on, but many hosting companies will give you one for free for a year with a new hosting plan, and if they don’t it’s only around $12 a year for a new one.

wordpress installer Softaculous

Step Three – Backup your site:

Usually this goes something like this:

  1. Login to Cpanel
  2. Click Back up Wizard
  3. Click Backup
  4. Click MySQL Database
  5. Select your WordPress database
  6. Download

Chiromatrix does not give you access to a control panel, just to an admin section that allows you to pay them, but not much else. This will be the most time consuming portion, you will have to copy and paste the content into a word document, or into a demo WordPress install. I switched over and that was around 200 pages, so make sure you do this way before you put in your cancellation request with Chiromatrix.

Step Five – Change your DNS:

Your DNS (Domain Name Servers) tells web browsers where your website files are located on the internet, think of them as the zip code in your address, when you move to a different house so does your zip code (usually anyway).  Advanced Wellness of Westfield had purchased their domain through Ripoffmatrix, this was not good news. We could see their DNS settings in the admin section, but we couldn’t change these settings! If you have also purchased your domain through the matrix, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Look up who your domain is registered with by doing a whois
  2. The domain I was working on was registered with, register with the company who shows up on your whois results
  3. Contact Chiromatrix support and ask for them to transfer your domain to the account you created with your registar.
  4. Login to your domain registar’s account and change your DNS from pointing to Chiromatix to point to your new hosting company.


Step Six – Cancel your Chiromatrix account

Contact Chiromatrix support and request that your account be canceled. Remember to make sure that your WordPress site is set up correctly as you won’t get any notice from the matrix when they delete your old site.

Step Seven – Bask in the glory that is freedom!

Here’s what the WordPress version of the site looked like:

How to Switch from Chiromatrix to WordPress Gezocht: Tekstschrijver / Copywriter – Online Casino Spellen

Gravity Forms & Webhooks

wordpress and webhooks

So here’s something cool that I put together for a client that wanted to sync up their Gravity Forms data with a Webhook:

* Add Webhooks to Gravity forms
add_action("gform_post_submission_6", "webhook_post_content_6", 10, 2);
function webhook_post_content_6($entry, $form){
	// Generate the URL
	//$post_url = '';
	//$post_url = '';
	$post_url = 'http://yourwebhook.url';

	$body = array(
		'company_name' 				=>	$entry['10'],
		'company_name_abv' 			=>	$entry['7'],
		'company_street' 			=>	$entry['8.1'],
		'company_street_2' 			=>	$entry['8.2'],
		'company_city' 				=>	$entry['8.3'],
		'company_state' 			=>	$entry['8.4'],
		'company_zip' 				=>	$entry['8.5'],
		'company_country' 			=>	$entry['8.6'],
		'legal_act_location' 		=>	$entry['11'],
		'a_number' 				=>	$entry['12'],
		'company_logo' 				=>	$entry['14'],
		'company_overview' 			=>	$entry['13'],
		'email_r' 				=>	$entry['1'],
		'email_account_pay' 		=>	$entry['15'],
		'admin_title' 				=>	$entry['16'],
		'admin_phone' 				=>	$entry['17'],
		'customer_service_title' 	=>	$entry['18'],
		'customer_service_phone'	=>	$entry['19'],
		'customer_toll_free_phone'	=>	$entry['20'],
		'customer_fax' 				=>	$entry['21'],
		'customer_service_hours' 	=>	$entry['22'],
		'customer_signature' 		=>	$entry['23'],
		'printed_name' 				=>	$entry['24'],
		'best_west' 				=>	$entry['28'],
		'choice_priv' 				=>	$entry['27'],
		'club_carl' 				=>	$entry['29'],
		'drury_gold' 				=>	$entry['30'],
		'fairmont_pres' 			=>	$entry['31'],
		'hilton_hon' 				=>	$entry['32'],
		'hyatt_gold' 				=>	$entry['33'],
		'ihg_rew' 					=>	$entry['34'],
		'la_quinta' 				=>	$entry['35'],
		'kimpton_kar' 				=>	$entry['36'],
		'loews_you' 				=>	$entry['37'],
		'le_club' 					=>	$entry['38'],
		'marriott_rew' 				=>	$entry['39'],
		'omni_sel' 					=>	$entry['40'],
		'starwood_pre' 				=>	$entry['41'],
		'wyndham_rew' 				=>	$entry['42'],
		'rewards_other' 			=>	$entry['43'],
		'manager_name_first_1' 		=>	$entry['46.3'],
		'manager_name_last_1'		=>	$entry['46.6'],
		'manager_email_1' 			=>	$entry['47'],
		'manager_phone_1' 			=>	$entry['48'],
		'manager_name_first_2' 		=>	$entry['69.3'],
		'manager_name_last_2' 		=>	$entry['69.6'],
		'manager_email_2' 			=>	$entry['70'],
		'manager_phone_2' 			=>	$entry['71'],
		'manager_name_first_3' 		=>	$entry['72.3'],
		'manager_name_last_3' 		=>	$entry['72.6'],
		'manager_email_3' 			=>	$entry['73'],
		'manager_phone_3' 			=>	$entry['74'],
		'sales_brand_1' 			=>	$entry['50'],
		'sales_name_first_1' 		=>	$entry['51.3'],
		'sales_name_last_1' 		=>	$entry['51.6'],
		'sales_email_1' 			=>	$entry['62'],
		'sales_brand_2' 			=>	$entry['60'],
		'sales_name_first_2' 		=>	$entry['61.3'],
		'sales_name_last_2' 		=>	$entry['61.6'],
		'sales_email_2' 			=>	$entry['52'],
		'sales_brand_3' 			=>	$entry['63'],
		'sales_name_first_3' 		=>	$entry['64.3'],
		'sales_name_last_3' 		=>	$entry['64.6'],
		'sales_email_3' 			=>	$entry['65'],
		'sales_brand_4' 			=>	$entry['75'],
		'sales_name_first_4' 		=>	$entry['76.3'],
		'sales_name_last_4' 		=>	$entry['76.6'],
		'sales_email_4' 			=>	$entry['77'],
		'sales_brand_5' 			=>	$entry['78'],
		'sales_name_first_5' 		=>	$entry['79.3'],
		'sales_name_last_5' 		=>	$entry['79.6'],
		'sales_email_5' 			=>	$entry['80'],
		'template_choice' 			=>	$entry['55'],
		'header_img' 				=>	$entry['56'],
		'background_img' 			=>	$entry['57'],
		'website_url' 				=>	$entry['58']
	//$request = new WP_Http();
	//$response = $request->post($post_url, array('body' => $body));
	//wp_remote_request ( $post_url , array('body' => $body) );
	//global $body;
	$response = wp_remote_post( $post_url, array( 'method' => 'POST', 'body' => $body) );
	//global $response;
	$response_code = wp_remote_retrieve_response_code( $response ); 
	    if(200 != $response_code){ 
	    $post_url = get_stylesheet_directory_uri().'/curlfosho/SignUp.php';
	    $response = wp_remote_post( $post_url, array( 'method' => 'POST', 'body' => $body) );


Sorry for the lack of detail, but this one been in draft mode for about six months, so I’ll try to add details later. The “curlfosho” is to make sure that if the other server is down (200 error) then the entry is chached and curled later. Below are some resources that I found helpful.

Testing Webhook


Webhook Gravity form




Gravity Forms Cron job


how to queue curl


curl retry on error


create queue using php


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