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Recently I was tasked with integrating TripAdvisor reviews into UberVida’s testimonial section. The idea was simple enough but the task itself was a bit more complicated than I original thought. TripAdvisor offers some widgets to add reviews to your site, but lets be honest they suck when it comes to styling or customization.

[su_highlight]*There is now a complete plugin available based off of this article, you can download it and read how to use it here.[/su_highlight]

[su_highlight]TripAdvisor recently changed their terms of service along with that they blocked all access to your TripAdvisor RSS feed. I am working on a update that I hope to have ready shortly, you can sign up to receive an email when it is ready, sign up here. [/su_highlight]

TripAdviors Gallery option four

What I had proposed to the client looked like this:

UberVida home page photoshop layout

So obviously none of the widgets that TripAdvisor provided would do the job. This lead me to research if there was a WordPress plugin that would do the job, and there was! Tripadvisor Shortcode,  but unfortunately it was pretty much on par with TripAdvisor’s widgets, but it did lead me to believe that TripAdvisor might have a RSS feed available for the reviews and if they did that was something that I could style and integrate into the site. After some time on google I was able to fine this great article on how to monitor your TripAdvisor reviews using a RSS feed.

TripAdviors RSS Feed:[su_highlight background=”#fffb99″]d3332323[/su_highlight]-treviews.xml

TripAdviors page:[su_highlight background=”#fffb99″]d3332323[/su_highlight]-Reviews-UberVida-Hamilton_Pembroke_Parish_Bermuda.html

RSS Feed To Posts

As you can see the main part that we needed was the id [su_highlight background=”#fffb99″]d3332323[/su_highlight]. This is the part that you will have to change out to access you RSS feed. Now that I had the feed I was able to use one of my favorite plugins, FeedWordPress.

Using FeedWordPress

  1. Once you have FeedWordPress installed you will want to go to Syndication   syndication
  2. New Source   New source
  3. Enter your RSS feed URL and click Add.
  4. Your RSS feed will then be add to Posts or a custom post type if you have created one. This can be set in Syndication > Posts & Links > (bottom of the page) bottom of the page Custom Post Types.
  5. If your RSS feed is not showing in your chosen post section go to Syndication > Syndicated sites > and click Update Now update RSS feed

Use Your Posts/RSS Feed

Now  that you have your RSS feed in a post or custom post type you will be able to use it anywhere on your site. I added it to UberVida’s home page in a Carousel using this query:

<php $query = new WP_Query( array( 'post_type' =--> 'Testimonial', 'posts_per_page' => 5,) );
if ( $query->have_posts() ) : ?>
<php $c = 0; while ( $query--->have_posts() ) : $query->the_post();
if( $c == 1 ){ ?>

UberVidas custom testimonial section

This allowed me to pull the first five testimonials from my custom posts into a loop. After some styling it ended up looking like this: