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I have received a lot of requests to make a TripAdvisor Plugin based off of an article that I wrote about how to integrate reviews from TripAdvisor into a WordPress site. So here it is:

[su_highlight background=”#ff9999″]TripAdvisor recently changed their terms of service along with that they blocked all access to your TripAdvisor RSS feed. I am working on a update that I hope to have ready shortly, you can sign up to receive an email when it is ready, sign up here. The fix is here! You can learn how to add TripAdvisor reviews to your site here.[/su_highlight]


Click To Download tripadvisor-rss-reviews

You will need your TripAdvisor id number, which you can get from your TripAdvisor URL:[su_highlight background=”#fffb99″]d3332323[/su_highlight]-Reviews-UberVida-Hamilton_Pembroke_Parish_Bermuda.html

The plugin will create a widget which has three fields Title, TripAdvisor ID, and Number of Reviews to display.

TripAdvisor Widget

The plugin also uses a short code to display the reviews on any page or post:

[tripadvisor id="d3332323"][/tripadvisor]

TripAdvisor Plugin Sidebar and short code

This plugin has worked on every theme that I have tested, if you use it and notice any bugs please leave a comment here so that I can look into it.