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This is a modified version of the TripAdvisor plugin. The modifications allow you to use any RSS feed, all you need is a URL.

[su_highlight]If your RSS feed has stopped working or is blocked, like it is for TripAdvisor, then you will need to create a new one this can be done by using a service like Feed43. I have written detailed instructions on how to make a RSS feed using Feed43 from your TripAdvisor reviews.[/su_highlight]


Click to download the WordPress plugin rss-reviews.

Or download it from GitHub.

You will need a RSS feed URL:

The plugin will create a widget which has three fields Title, RSS Feed URL, and Number of Reviews to display.

rss reviews widget

The plugin also uses a short code to display the reviews on any page or post:

[rssreviews id=""][/rssreviews]

rss reviews Plugin Sidebar and short code

You can view a working version of this plugin on Poas Volcano.

This plugin has worked on every theme that I have tested, if you use it and notice any bugs please leave a comment here so that I can look into it.

Many thanks to Juan, for introducing me to Feed43!

1.2.0 – Content can be displayed above reviews in posts and pages.