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Creating a new WordPress e-commerce site for Ancient Alkaline posed a unique set of challenges. Firstly, capturing the essence of their brand, which focuses on holistic and ancient wellness products, required a deep understanding of their ethos to ensure the design and user experience reflected their unique identity. Integrating an e-commerce platform that could handle a diverse range of products with various categories and specifications, while ensuring a smooth and secure shopping experience, was a complex task. Additionally, implementing an intuitive navigation system to guide customers through the range of Ancient Alkaline’s offerings without overwhelming them was critical. Ensuring the site was optimized for SEO to effectively reach their target audience in a competitive market, and making it responsive across various devices and platforms, added layers of technical intricacy. Moreover, establishing a reliable and easy-to-manage inventory system within WordPress was essential for efficient operation and customer satisfaction. These challenges demanded a carefully planned and executed approach to develop a site that was not only aesthetically aligned with Ancient Alkaline’s brand but also functionally robust for their e-commerce needs.

Solution & Impact

The solution to creating Ancient Alkaline’s new WordPress e-commerce site involved a meticulously tailored approach that addressed each challenge effectively. We started by conducting thorough research to deeply understand the brand’s ethos, which guided the visual and functional design of the site. A user-friendly e-commerce platform was integrated, ensuring seamless product categorization and a secure, efficient shopping experience. Special attention was given to intuitive navigation, helping customers explore the product range effortlessly. We implemented advanced SEO techniques to enhance online visibility in a competitive market. The site was optimized for responsiveness across various devices, ensuring a consistent user experience. A reliable and straightforward inventory management system was set up for easy administration. The impact of completing this project was significant: Ancient Alkaline experienced an increase in customer engagement, higher traffic, and improved sales. The site effectively communicated the brand’s unique identity, attracting a broader audience and establishing a strong online presence in the wellness market. This project not only met the immediate needs of Ancient Alkaline but also provided a scalable platform for future growth and diversification.

My Role

  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • SEO Specialist
  • E-commerce Integration Expert
  • Research Analyst

In the Ancient Alkaline project, my role was multifaceted and crucial to its success. I led the project from conception to completion, starting with in-depth research to understand the brand’s unique identity. This research was pivotal in guiding the visual and UX design of the site, ensuring it resonated with the brand’s ethos. I was deeply involved in the technical aspects, from integrating and customizing the e-commerce platform to optimizing the site for SEO and cross-platform compatibility. My responsibilities also included developing a user-friendly navigation system and setting up an efficient inventory management system. I ensured that every element of the site, from aesthetics to functionality, aligned with Ancient Alkaline’s goals, facilitating smooth and secure user experiences. My effective communication and project management skills were instrumental in coordinating with various teams and stakeholders, ensuring timely and successful project delivery.

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Ancient Alkaline Home page
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The Ancient Alkaline project was a masterclass in blending creativity with technical skill, resulting in a seamless, brand-true e-commerce site.”

— Learie C.

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